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Default Do you think the new Batman actor will get "Lazenby'd"?

Now as most of you should know George Lazenby was the actor who took over for Connery when he left Bond the first time and at the time the public did not take well to him and he was eventually replaced. Finally Roger Moore came in to prove that Bond could continue successfully with another actor.

A lot of comparisons have been brought up recently with Brandon Routh whereby coming in and taking over for Reeve (after many years though) and having a likewise muted response from the public and eventually being replaced by Cavill who looks like he will have a successful run in the role.

Do you think the Batman franchise is going to have to go through it's own Lazenby period where an actor is sort of "sacrificed" and fails only for the more successful actor to come in afterwards? I'd say coming in to replace Bale as Batman could in the publics eyes be as difficult as taking over for Connery or Reeve. What do you think? I wonder if this could be a hindrance for certain higher profile actors wanting the role?

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