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Default Re: Catch me if you can!! Evan Peters?Quicksilver Thread

Originally Posted by BeholdMe View Post
I disagree slightly I want them to continue forward with the modern day X-Men as well. But I do not think that having more than one branch of X-Men in the movieverse will oversaturate it. There isnt just one X-Men comic and it would give more room to see familiar faces introduced sooner than waiting x amount of years for a sequel.

Espiecally since the modern day X-men are not getting any younger its time to expand the universe so when the Modern Day Xmen decide to call it quits you still have someone to carry the torch. There is a ton of X-Universe stories not involving the core XMen cast that could be introduced with spin off movies, just not to much and the series will be fine.
Releasing comic-books and movies are different. Do you know how many comic-books can Marvel release with using the budget for just 1 movie? If you check the other superhero movie series out there, its only the X-Men that had the guts to release a spin-off movie and achieve moderate success. But its not the gonna work in the long run, the more spin-offs that FOX releases, the more chances the general public won't care about the X-Men movie series.

Origins: Wolverine and First Class didn't help the franchise to attract more viewers. The Wolverine is hardly on people's radar. The only thing that this series benefited from releasing spin-off/prequels is the audience didn't get tired seeing the original cast and now that they got a 8-year break, I feel like its time again for the general public to see another string of films with the original cast.

And when the modern-day cast decided to quit, I want this series to end with them. Then after that, do a reboot that will not connect things to the original film series.

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