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Default Re: Do you think the new Batman actor will get "Lazenby'd"?

Hmmm. I actually see it as Kilmer who was the Lazenby. He did the 1 film and didn't get along with Shumacher (as they say, as others say it was just about his scheduling). Same exit for Lazenby.

I wont say Clooney was the Moore. I don't think that was the case. But I do think that both Connery AND Moore were running the franchise into the ground as they got older and the movies were getting cornier with each installment. Brosnan suffered the same fate. So that makes me think of Clooney coming into the universe and the Bat franchise getting cornier.

Daniel Craig was like the Christian Bale.

I think they'll take their time in casting Bruce in the reboot and he'll stay for a few films before being recast. Im sure he'll do the Justice League's with Cavill and 1 or 2 solo films but by the time Robin enters the franchise they'll replace him. I don't think we'll get another Lazenby moment. To me, Kilmer replacing Keaton was like Connery being replaced.

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