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Default Re: Do you think the new Batman actor will get "Lazenby'd"?

While it wouldn't surprise me since I have very little faith in Warner Bros., I do think they'll be looking to get someone that they know they'll want to keep for a good amount of time, much like Cavill. Plus, it would have to be a monumental fail of a Batman film for them to consider ditching the actor after signing him for multiple films. Plus, it might be easier for the new actor to get a pass because his Batman film will (probably) be part of the same world that Man of Steel exists in.

Lazenby was a special case in that his Bond film, while based on the novel with the same name, was a bit different from the film formula. Plus, he was actually given bad advice by his people that the Bond films were not going to last and that he shouldn't continue in the role.

I'm sure I'm going to get some backlash for this but I don't think the next actor will have to do that much to equal or surpass Bale in the role. The character must be bigger than the actor. I know people say Bale is their Batman, but I never thought he was great. I don't think he was bad, either. I just thought he was passable. Aside from my issues with his voice as Batman, I just don't think he was ever given that much to do as Bruce Wayne after Batman Begins.

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