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Default Re: The Official Batman Forever Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Two-Face View Post
BF was great for its own way. Putting nipples in the suits hell I don't even look at those when something else is going on in the film.

I like the some of the stuff that Schumacher got it right. Not many Batfans don't talk about it.

Example 1: Bruce having dreams about his parents death and talking to Chase about it. I got to admit I like Chase a lot more than Selina or Vicki here ( shoot me down I don't care.) Bruce's relationship with Chase I liked every scene.

2: Bruce dealing with Wayne Enterprises during the day Burton didn't even show that in BR.

3: Batman fighting Two-Face's gang in the opening sequence I love that shot. batman breaking up the Edward's party much Batman been badass here. Beating the crap out of the thugs. Gets trapped in and almost burnt alive by Harvey I like how his cape is a proof to a fire I never seeing that in any media. That was pretty badass.

What i don't like is Alfred making the batsuits surely Bruce helped him sure Alfred says after Batcave is destroyed he designed the new suit but Bruce must have help.

Also, even though I don't like Two-Face been second villain here and his origins wasn't even shown greatly. only we see Bruce watching a footage of it but that's it, that was lame though.

Basicially BF is a great popcorn flick, after all it's still Batman. That's what I watch it for.
I dont hate the movie... its just that its inconsistent and there is footage out there that could make the movie even better.

-Inconsistent in that the night scenes do not match the tone or look of the daytime scenes.
-Scenes that look cool end up looking sloppy because of small details that dont get cleaned up.
-Kidman looks beautiful and plays to the tone of the movie
-Kilmer might have stood out in an even better movie.
-a Riddler only movie would have been better would have added more weight to the Riddler threat.
-Score is great, as is the new Batman theme.

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