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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

MOS is the best example why Begins is such a great movie. They both share magnificent ideas , and try to push for something new. Both also share flaws as the villain plot evolves . I will say this. I believe MOS the first time it was put on paper probably sounded as good as Begins. But they share a big difference. The execution. That's the filmmaker role. Where one is an extremely tight film that goes back and forth between time and space accentuating the evolution of the character , the other is a goddamn disjointed mess. An hodgepodge of themes and actions. Snyder isnt able to balance his own movie. It's a problem he always had. Sometimes scenes are too long , sometimes too short. Sometimes the momentum is completely broken. Transitions are jarring. MOS is like an extreme version of that.

Yes it's an enjoyable film, some cool production design , yes the action set piece in Smallville is amazing (and should be the standard from now on to these sort of cosmic forces battling each other). But it could have been so much better. There are some great foundations in this movie , that are not fully utilized. I sincerely hope they bring someone new to pen this movie in the sequel (they can keep goyer for the general ideas , something that he is good). Because the potential is all there.

But my biggest surprise was really the visuals of this movie. What the hell was Zack Snyder thinking ? The first hour is so jarring , the camera tilts to the right and lef constantly. Everytime. Everywhere. At least Krypton deserved a much more stable approach. Let me at least appreciate the production design. Then comes a fight that looks straight from Begins hazardous editing.

When Jonathan is speaking with Clark in the pickup , the camera is so unstable it hurts the eyes. What were they thinking ? Who are these camera operators ? Moving the camera doesnt imply re-framing and refocusing constantly. It looks extremely amateurish. I know Zack didnt had the same references as his adaptations of 300 and Watchmen , but did nobody storyboard some stuff ? There is some extremely amateurish direction in a bunch of scenes. It's infuriating when that's usually Snyder's strength.

Begins is still a king (by a large margin) . Followed by Donner's Superman. MOS ...maybe fourth. Its a good movie if i confine it to the superhero genre.

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