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Default Re: Plan out the sequels to Amazing Spider-Man

Originally Posted by Venom'sDad View Post
I’m not sure who the villains will be in TASM3&4, other than to say, I’m pretty confident that the Green Goblin will be in one of those films, if not both. And given, my belief that Sony and/or Webb committed to dates up to TASM4, as well as letting Woodley walk(Thank God) as MJ, signify that TDofGS will extend into my line-up is as follows, how I hope to see it; if, and it’s a BIG IF, if those in charge decide to continue pass 4 with Garfield.
TASM3: Given what we think we know from 2...Vulture the main, possibly Peter discover it was Vulture who took down the plane that Peter’s parents was in. Chameleon in the background, discovering for his employer, the identity of Spiderman, when he become curious why Spidey is so adamant in catching Uncle Ben‘s killer. Which leads to Green Goblin brief debut…the mystery obviously being who is the Green Goblin. Peter & Gwen take their relationship to new heights…no pun intended. MJ is introduced.
TASM4: Green Goblin & the Chameleon. Peter’s friendship with Harry starts to fracture as Peter become more & more suspicious of Norman‘s unethical research & business dealings…leading to the GA suspecting Harry as being the Goblin; whom is taking out all who appear to be a threat to Oscorp in some fashion. While Chameleon is not only reckoning hell on Peter character & trustworthiness; but, on Spidey as well, in the public eye. Otto Octavius is the new chief engineer at Oscorp(small role) has a much stronger relationship with Harry, as oppose to Norman. The Symbiote is briefly introduced in the Lab. Gwen is killed 2/3 of the way into film .MJ and the gang tries comforting Peter to no avail. Leading to the revelation that Norman is the Green Goblin; and, the disappearance or demise at the hand of Spiderman, left as an open mystery.
TASM5: The Birth of the Sinister Six. With Harry & Peter friendship becoming strain in the previous film, the revelation to Harry, his father was the Goblin; and, possibly killed by Spidey, certainly lead to his father disappearance, breeds a sense of misguided hate & anger towards Spidey. Enter Harry enlistment of Otto to use whatever resources at Oscorp disposal, to seek, bring down, and kill Spiderman. Otto decides to put together & arm special talents to achieve this directive. The “Team” features DocOck, who recruits & arms Shocker, bring in talent Mysterio and equips him with some new innovative technology, breaks Vulture & Rhino out of Ravencroft, whom Rhino recommend Ock attain the services of fame tracker/bounty/assassin, Kraven the Hunter. The “Team” beats and nearly kills Spidey…leaving him for dead.
A battered and still distraught Peter, having no clue to who these guys are, remember something about the team, leading him to break into Oscorp, where he discover files that prove Norman & Oscorp involvement in unethical testing on human subject, and a direct link to the death of his parents. While angered & frantically trying to escape Oscorps security, Peter knocks over the vile containing the SRI(Symbiotic Research Initiative), needless to say. Much like the Hulk, the angrier Peter/Spidey gets, the stronger he becomes, the more he loses himself….which enables him to defeat and nearly kills some of the members of the Sinister Six. MJ & Flash notice change in Peter’s attitude and chalk it up to the loss of Gwen.
TASM6: After TS6 failed to dispose of Spidey, Harry becomes more enraged at his alleged father’s killer. Meanwhile MJ begin to suspect who Peter is and understand more, his angst with Gwen’s death. Peter realize that the Symbiote is taking him over, making his hunger more vicious, calculating, & deadlier. He struggles, but rid himself of the Symbiote clutches…unbeknownst to Peter, the Symbiote finds its way to a vengeful Harry Osborn. Whom now learns that Peter is Spiderman, the very one, whom he feel, killed his father…which enrages him even more. The conflict begins….
Harry discover and take the very same enhancement formula his father took, while being engulf by the Symbiote…making him more deadlier than anything Spidey has ever faced. Harry is Venom to Spidey. Harry stalks Peter like prey, make disturbing comment to Peter when talking to Peter as Harry. Venom makes Peter/Spidey uneasy, suspicious, and paranoid. After their first encounter, Peter start to become fearful of Venom; as Harry become more confident & obsessive. Peter not knowing whoVenom is, recognize the suit, powers, and abilities. Peter, at a time when he has yet to mourn the loss of Gwen, separates himself from friends & family, out of his fear of Venom. Peter has become a loner, distancing himself from everyone. Until a spiritual encounter with Uncle Ben, encourage him to stand up and face his fears, than those famous words are recited, “With great power, comes great responsibility….to yourself, love ones, and to the community.” Harry decides to stop toying with Peter and end this. Harry meets Peter, inform him who he is, and suddenly change into Venom, catching Peter off guard. Venom is getting the best of Spidey, but by chance Spidey turns the tables and discover one glaring weakness(and it’s not sound…Raimi). Peter defeats Venom, nearly killing Harry to do it; yet, able to rid Harry of the Symbiote.
Peter finally get a moment to mourn Gwen…he visit Gwen’s grave, give a lovely monologue of the lighter moments of their brief relationship. As the camera pans away from Gwen’s tombstone, the audience is treated with the gang standing near by. They all console him, as MJ is the last to embrace him before the screen fades to black.
I'd be 100% fine with all of that.

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