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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

Oh I know, and you're right. I didn't notice it in the car but I notice it right away when they introduce Jor-El. It's all shaky and I don't think it helps the scene. I remember a friend of mine turned and said "Why is the camera shaking?". LOL.

That's why Nolan is the cream of the crop IMO. He can use a 250 million dollar production, push boundaries with Imax, etc and do it in a professional way. And his choices make sense for the scene, theyre not done for the sake of it.

Paul Thomas Anderson has praised Nolan with his massive budgets as well. I think when real filmmakers like that praise you, it's the highest compliment and it means you're doing something right.

"Every time you open that dvd box to watch the Dark Knight, it's actually a slice of baloney. the real movie is in your mind and Nolan performed an Inception on all of us." - tacit-ronin-
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