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Default Re: Catch me if you can!! Evan Peters?Quicksilver Thread

Originally Posted by jed View Post
Since Magneto is QuickSilver and Wanda's father, then why is their last name "Maximoff" ?

Shouldn't it be " Lensherr" since Magneto's name is Erik Lensherr?
I think you need to read some comics and do your homework!

But, since you asked, Magneto didn't know for years he had children. He had split up with his wife Magda without knowing she was pregnant with twins. She died while giving birth and they were raised by a man called Django Maximoff. So they took the Maximoff surname. It was only many, many years later that Magneto figured out that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were his children. An entire comic was devoted to that discovery and his confrontation with the two siblings.

Originally Posted by jed View Post
And if they're Magneto's kids, why didn't their inherit their father's magnetism power?

Consider fast speed and manipulation of chaos and probability are so far off from Magnetism.

Even if they didn't inherit their father's magnetism powers, by right....their powers should be similar or closer to magnetism......such as electricity or anything to do with metals.

Rachel Summers inherit her mother's telekinesis and telepathic powers.
The way that mutations (or powers) are (or are not) passed on isn't quite as straightforward as you think.

As another example, Mr Fantastic and Invisible Woman were parents to the mutant Franklin Richards, who has reality-altering and psionic powers. Nothing like his dad's elasticity or his mother's invisibility.

The mutant gene doesn't work in the way you imagine. It's a gene that acts as a trigger for other DNA (the so-called 'junk DNA' that's inactive in humans), and it is triggered usually at a time of stress or crisis. That's why all these mutants have vastly different abilities and yet one gene in common - the mutant X-gene.

So, basically, it's a bit of a lottery which powers a mutant child of mutant parents might end up with. But there are sometimes similar or identical powers inherited by offspring, depending on the complicated nature of genetics and heredity.

In Magneto's case, there are some similarities. Magneto's supercharged metabolism and nervous system (which generates his magnetism and his electromagnetic force blasts) could be said to be similar to the supercharged metabolism and nervous system that gives Quicksilver his amazing speed. And Magneto's power to influence the environment (in his case, metals, magnetic fields, electrical fields) is similar to Scarlet Witch's power to influence her environment (in her case, in a much broader sense by altering reality and probabilities). And in the case of Polaris, she has almost exactly the same powers as her father.

This is all 'sci-fi science' of course but there is some logic in it.

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