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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread

Originally Posted by Random490 View Post
I love when this happens, I actually made these concepts using Phil-cho's original work. He makes some great art like this, it looks an authentic Character sheet for an animated series. I've actually been toying with this more since I lost my original files for fun so I wasn't going to post them but I figured why not.

For Batman I didn't change the New 52 look much I just feel adding some black in the belt ties the uniform together. I picture the material being similar to the Arkham Games a bodysuit with a mesh layer, design to take impacts, with a tough looking fabric covering it. The cowl, gloves, and boots are more armored thicker. For symbol I could go either way. I prefer the one on the left but the others do add nice contrast.

For robin I picture the same thing in terms of material as Batman but leaner and more acrobatic. I love the idea of Robin having a hood, though he wouldn't wear it much, I see it as an optional feature the he only wears when it's cold, raining, wants to look more intimidating, or if he's near someone who might recognize him.
They are beautiful, my favourites are the first Batman and the first Robin

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