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Default Re: The Official Hellboy 3 thread

HELLBOY 3 Is “Very Unlikely” Says Guillermo del Toro
“It’s very unlikely it’ll happen because you need things to converge so strongly. [Producer] Larry Gordon, Universal, the rights, Ron [Perlman’s] and mine’s availability, [comic creator] Mike [Mingola’s] blessing; we have pieces of that, but we don’t have all of that. You need so many things to confluence and then you need about $150 million.”

When asked if he would do a Hellboy 3 in the form of comics or a graphic novel in a way how Dredd 2 is, del Toro had this to say:

“I talked to Mike about making it a comic and Mike said very clearly, ‘Hellboy the movies is yours, Hellboy the comics is mine; I don’t wanna confuse them.’ He has been very clear about not bringing any mythology we did in the movies into the comics, like Kroenen being a mechanical clockwork zombie Nazi, or The Samaritan, which is not called ‘The Samaritan’ in the comics, or Big Baby, or Abe Sapien being like the character he is in the movies, which is different. In the comics he’s a hard-ass, Abe Sapien is really a tough guy, and in the movie he’s like this sensitive, mind reading fish man. So [Mike] is very careful, no love story between Liz and Hellboy, so on and so forth."

del Toro finally said that he does have a story ready and prepared for Hellboy 3 and that it would be a completely different direction than the first 2 installments:

“The way Hellboy 1 and Hellboy 2 are very different from each other, Hellboy 3 is different enough from the other two that it wouldn’t feel like the same universe in scale. He does become the beast of the apocalypse. But seeing the apocalypse is getting more and more—the bar is raised higher and higher every year; mass destruction is becoming the sport of the summer.”

It is important to note that Mike Mingola has said he would love to do a Hellboy 3, Ron Perlman has said he wants to do a Hellboy 3 and currently the film rights to Hellboy are with Universal but Legendary Studio's President has said he is interested in a third Hellboy and one of the places Legendary Studios is looking to move into is Universal. It's possible but it's all really a matter of how great Pacific Rim is. At the end of the day, I still do have hope that this movie will be made and I do think it will because everybody wants to do it, it's all really a matter of getting everybody in the same room and agreeing to make it. What are your thoughts on this? I need a drink. Where you at cipher?
Latino Review
Interview: Talking ‘Pacific Rim’ With Legendary Entertainment’s Thomas Tull
Originally Posted by Kellvin Chavez
Speaking of Hellboy, last night Guillermo Del Toro told a journalist that he was going to talk to you about possibly doing Hellboy 3 with Legendary. Has that conversation taken place?
Thomas Tull: Well, seeing how we don’t own the rights to Hellboy, there may be lawyers that would get upset about that, but in Guillermo’s world, maybe he can make that go away. I don’t know.

Have you had conversations?
Thomas Tull: Look, we’re making his next movie, “Crimson Peak,” which we start in January, and if it became available, it’s certainly something we would consider.

TOLDJA! Legendary Moves To NBCU With Multiyear Film And TV Deal

It’s Official: Legendary Partners With NBCU In 5-Year Deal Starting In 2014

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