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Default Re: Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns Animated - Part 1

it was the smartest move to not use the narration. YOU can't use the same narration in an animated movie as in a comic book. It's simply doesn't work. Batman Year One taught us that. and they did an amazing job as conveying the same feelings with visuals cues. The scene with Batman using his legs to climb a rope is a great instance of that.

~Zryson~ Like most people I have a lot of doubts about the movie. its thought (by many) that Warner Bros is just rushing ahead to try and catch up to other studios.
~Gu3ree~ Superman doesn't manage to save 10,000 people. He doesn't come out as a big hero in the movie. he's just pissed at General Zod. He isn't necessarily concerned about the people.
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It's Zryson. Everything he says is so funny.
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