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Default Re: Who should direct Iron man 4?

Savin IS basically Mr. Joshua. And there are recurring elements in Shane Black's works, like the hero being held captured, and having to escape. But other than that, you can't say the script for "Iron Man 3" is a REHASH of his earlier works, or you are either being delusional or unfair (still butthurt about the Mandarin twist, the movie not serving as a teaser trailer for future Marvel flicks, etc.?)!

I'm at about the point where I have no interest in seeing Shane Black direct anything ever again. I don't need to give my money to a guy who likes to spit on me. It's like he's campaigning to be Ang Lee jr.
Yeah, that's your problem. Because he isn't spitting on anyone. He's just not to keen on having a bunch of fanboys touch themselves - and I can do without that.

Anyway, I'm outta here. I see the same wind's still blowing. Nag, nag, nag.

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