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Originally Posted by def28 View Post
The Cable Deadpool run was some of the best Deadpool stuff out there besides Kelly's run and it was all based on team work. Not to mention Deadpool started off fighting X-Force. I see nothing wrong with this. If anything it should help get that film.

Domino, Deadpool and Cable have always worked well together and against eachother in the books.
And I wouldn't be against Cable or Domino appearing in a Deadpool movie, if there's a good story to support their appearance (as there have been plenty in the comics) and we're not just talking about fanboy-service. But I'm not interested in seeing Deadpool as comic relief in a (bigger) team movie. I find him more interesting when he has his own space, and his own story, which explores every possible facet of him. And as I've said, I can wait for a Deadpool movie. I don't really need anything like this to make the process faster.

P.S.: I wouldn't want a movie based on Daniel Way's Deadpool, either. They should go back to basics. Look at several elements from the first two mini-series (from 1993 & 1994) and Joe Kelly's run. They can also take a note or two from Brian Posehn & Gerry Duggan's Deadpool. They seem to building up to quite a story (with the
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