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Default Re: The X-FORCE Official Thread

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
What makes you think they will green light it if he's not in X-Force? How will that change the films development? They are not budging cause they are worried about making money on an R Rating. If he has a large role in X-force that seems more likely to help then not.

If Reynolds is never gonna let the rating go, so it may be the best option. Who knows.
As I've said, I don't care wether they'll green light a Deadpool movie anytime soon. I've got time. I can wait. But WHEN I finally see the character on the big screen (in 2035, in Real-5D-Super-IMAX, whatever), I want them to really juice out the potential of his story. I want a character like this - a movie like this - come outta nowhere, basically. A Deadpool movie, as different as it may be, wouldn't have the same kind of OOMPH! if it's "Oh, the guy from the X-Force movie, in his own flick."

It took Spider-Man 40 years to hit the big screen. Deadpool's a much "younger" character. I'm a huge fan of comics, but I've never understood the crave to see these characters on film. NOW! AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, with geeks crying foul after every studio because they DEMAND (?!?!) and don't get a release line-up for the next fifty years like the Marvel Studios have got. Movies happen when the right elements (producers, writers, director, cast) fall into place.

AAAND - no, a big role of him in The X-Force won't lead to an R-rated Deadpool movie. These are business-men. They wouldn't let go of the kids who get to know and love the character in the X-movie!

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