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Default Re: The X-FORCE Official Thread

Originally Posted by JP View Post
Maybe Psylocke
Maybe Colossus
Maybe ArchAngel

Honestly this is the perfect X-movie, and I've been saying that ever since Singer and Millar started talking about expanding the universe. A Deadpool movie is risky, but having him on a team with other beloved characters played by great/popular actors is perfect.
I would prefer they get some of X-Force team under cable like Cannonball,Sunspot,and Warpath maybe even Siryn.2 of which are In DOFP.
Domino Is one i agree with.

Psylocke,Colossus,and archangel would depend on what Is being branded about for the next full X-Men film after DOFP.

Maybe X-Force Is way to reintroduce Deadpool Into series but deadpool seems to work better solo.Although It should be noted deadpool was oriignally Introduced In X-Force.Maybe the road Is to make him supporting character.

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