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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 7

Originally Posted by Quasimod0 View Post
So isnt it possible that this is just concept art and that cap costume won't even be in the film exactly like that? Or is this artwork done later once they are sure of the designs?
All the concept art they've officially released so far has been picture perfect. And I see what you guys are talking about now. That does look like the Helicarrier with the turbine and SHIELD logo on the surface. Also looks like they're flying over Washington DC (might be about to crash?); you can see the White House in the background.

As for the suit, I like the idea of then using it as a metaphor for Cap's character progression throughout the film. First, SHIELD gives Cap a new suit devoid of the red, white and blue, assimilating him into this new world and way of doing things where being a symbol doesn't matter and it's more about covert operations. Then the shield losing its red, white, and blue in battle. Finally we end up with Cap regaining the colors in his costume and shield.

As for the suit itself, looks like a combination of his WWII costume and (in contrast to what others are saying) the SHIELD costume we've seen. I wouldn't say it's a combination of TFA and Avengers because the design aesthetic looks more like the suit we've seen for this film.

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