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Default Looking for Specific TDK/Joker Review


A few years ago, I remember reading a review/analysis of "The Dark Knight." I believe it may have been one in a series of different reviews, by different authors, hosted by the same site. I believe it was published online some time after TDK's release (maybe a year or more afterwards, even). I do remember it was definitely BEFORE TDKR's release, however.

This specific review/commentary focused on the Joker, and why he's so dangerous - because, on the surface, he's able to convince us that going along with his plans is rational and makes sense. He fools us into believing what, on the surface, seems plausible - but is really crazy when you think long and hard enough.

For instance, the Joker is able to convince each of his bank robber goons that offing the other robbers are in each of their's best interest - when of course, such a mode of thinking is ultimately self-defeating, and the bank robbers end up screwing themselves over despite their attempts to act with rational self-interest. The Joker's suggestions seem plausible on the surface, even though they're crazy - and that's what makes the Joker so terrifying and dangerous.

Anyway, the article discussed this quite a bit, and I was looking for it online - both it, and the companion articles, were really well-written and well thought-out, so I was hoping someone else might also be able to remember them as well, and point me to them again, since I can't seem to find it (Google yields far too many search results on the topic!).


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