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Default Re: X-men Actors GALLERY thread

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Last year they announced the Fantastic Four reboot. So who knows?

I do want to hear whats their plan after DOFP is released.

X-Force might be just a spin-off X-Men team with Wolverine leading the team like in the comics.

I don't really see the need for ditching the original cast (again), the First Class cast just to bring an all new cast after their biggest X-Men film to date.

If FOX wants to be like MCU, then they should just focus on Fantastic Four.
There was also a team led by Cable in the 90's. I know you like the Original Cast but you shoud enjoy them exploring out into other territories to see how it goes the Originals are not the end all be all so its perfectly fine to introduce new characters in a new movie. Its not X5 its just Xforce as it seems a new film, its not like you may never see Originals if they decide to do that.

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