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Default Re: The Wolverine merchandise

More toys for the Wolverine:

There are more photos on a site I can't link to but these show all the figures anyway. I like that Hobo Wolverine is getting his own toy


And this is how they'll be put together:

- Wolverine (Black Suit) & Mariko Yashida
- Wolverine (Street Fight) & Shingen Yashida
- Viper & Hand Ninja
- Urban Yukio & Hand Ninja

and at Toys "R" Us:

- Wolverine (Black Suit) & Hand Ninja
- Wolverine (Street Fight) & Shingen Yashida
- Wolverine (Prisoner) & Kenuichio Harada
- Wolverine (Yukon) & Ninja Yukio

They're meant to be available early August.

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