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Default Re: The X-FORCE Official Thread

Originally Posted by MarvelU View Post
Sounds good, with a line-up of cable, deadpool, stryfe, domino, cannonball or sunspot, warpath, and boom-boom or feral to start off. Then depending on how it goes they could introduce Psylocke, archangel, fantomex, and others. IMO it's better to introduce deadpool this way (Wolverine Origins doesn't count for me), and if the movies become a hit then they could do a solo dead pool movie later.
See, that's kind of a point of view I can't get behind. A Deadpool movie would be far different from this, so how can a possible success of this determine how a solo movie of that character would work? Not. At. All.

Every movie is a baby on its own, and there's no testing the waters for characters, or introduce him to the audience in a supporting role, in order to make a movie based on him work. That's not how it works; and that's not how the general audience thinks. People will flock into theaters if they like what they see in previews & trailers. That's about it!

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