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Default Re: The X-FORCE Official Thread

we know there is a Deadpool proyect, but I was meaning in the sense that sometimes, introducing a very popular character that have a big potential, on a spin-off and in a secondary role, done by a director or team that doesnt care too much for that character, uses to lead to a poor movie version, that wont have a big impact on the audience, so it ends as a wasted opportunity.

If Deadpool and Gambit would have had a solo movie first, done with a good director who loved the characters, they would have shined much much more and even if the boxoffice numbers werent big, the potential of the sequels would be stronger.

But the poor or not great treatment of both characters on Origins, that wasnt a praised movie either, hurt all the characters.

Thats what I wanted to mean with both options being a risk.

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