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Default Re: Hayley Atwell/Peggy Carter back for Cap 2!

Originally Posted by TheLastAvenger View Post
I love the poster for that one-shot. It really makes me happy to see Marvel acknowledge what a great job Hayley Atwell did in that role. She managed to be assertive without coming off as b%*chy. She managed to be hot without overselling her sexuality. She even managed to be vulnerable without appearing weak. She was the perfect female protagonist, and I hope future CBM leading ladies follow in her footsteps.

It's so unfortunate that her character has to be relegated to the past, however. I was probably among the few who wished they would just go the cheesy route and have her play Sharon Carter as well.
Yes, yes. It's so difficult to play a woman--and Peggy Carter was a WOMAN, not a girl--in these films without coming across as either b****y or b**l busting or just ridiculous, and Hayley nailed it. I also give a lot of credit to Joe Johnston, because he has an eye for beautiful women, who can actually ACT (Jennifer Connelly?). It's so RARE for a comic book movie to have a female character that BOTH men and women LIKE, and want to see more of.

Finally, just becasue I like beating dead horses, it states very clearly in that EW article that they filmed this short over five days. FIVE DAYS. Which is great--I can't wait to see it. But Hayley was in LA for more than 6 weeks, maybe as long as two months. Right there on her Twitter--got there in mid March, left in the days after the IRON MAN 3 premiere. Then was BACK in Cleveland in June to shoot the old Peggy stuff.

I DO think she's Sharon Carter, that they are mixing up the characters traditional roles, and that we are going to see a young Hayley in this film. Marvel would be nuts not to have her back as Sharon Carter. Just IMHO.

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