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Default Re: Hayley Atwell/Peggy Carter back for Cap 2!

Originally Posted by Ksb36 View Post
Yes, yes. It's so difficult to play a woman--and Peggy Carter was a WOMAN, not a girl--in these films without coming across as either b****y or b**l busting or just ridiculous, and Hayley nailed it. I also give a lot of credit to Joe Johnston, because he has an eye for beautiful women, who can actually ACT (Jennifer Connelly?). It's so RARE for a comic book movie to have a female character that BOTH men and women LIKE, and want to see more of.

Finally, just becasue I like beating dead horses, it states very clearly in that EW article that they filmed this short over five days. FIVE DAYS. Which is great--I can't wait to see it. But Hayley was in LA for more than 6 weeks, maybe as long as two months. Right there on her Twitter--got there in mid March, left in the days after the IRON MAN 3 premiere. Then was BACK in Cleveland in June to shoot the old Peggy stuff.

I DO think she's Sharon Carter, that they are mixing up the characters traditional roles, and that we are going to see a young Hayley in this film. Marvel would be nuts not to have her back as Sharon Carter. Just IMHO.
LA is the hub of the entertainment industry worldwide. There are no end to things a young talented actress could have been doing in LA.

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