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Default Re: The "Little Things" You Appreciated/Loved Thread

Originally Posted by Iron_Madrigal View Post
For me I liked the heat vision. I liked how it seemed to disorient them every time they used it, limiting it's effectiveness and OP'ness.
Really liked that too. Especially when Clark emerges from his self-made tunnel to the scout ship and has to squint his eyes to be able to see straight again.

It also seemed to cause quite a bit of pain for Zod when he was firing it off at (presumably) maximum intensity and for the first time inside the building.
At first it looks like he probably doesn't notice the pain because of all the anger coupled with the surprising realization that he can use heat vision as well but then, in the next cut he desperately clutches his head, while screaming more in agony rather than anger.
Hats off, Mr. Shannon.

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