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Default Re: The X-FORCE Official Thread

Originally Posted by -JKR- View Post
You disagree on the fact that he'd be wasted like this, or disagree that it'll go down in a similar way?

In the second case, IMHO you think too much like a comic book fan. If Deadpool will be a popoluar character in a possible, PG13 X-Force movie, the general audience couldn't care less about how he's portrayed in the comics, they'll love him for how he is in the movies. And these movies are made for and marketed to THE GENERAL AUDIENCE. And the studio is, in case of popularity, of course going to push the version the G.A. has known to love. And you can count on that.
I disagree with alot of what your saying. I don't think he would be wasted and I don't think this film will affect his solo happening. I think they still want to do that film, and if anything it will boost the chances of it happening. Or....both X-Force and Deadpool are happening. Who knows. We will find out at SDCC. Deadpool is a very popular character. Fox is gonna want to use him whenever they can, and it's very acceptable to have him in an X-Froce film like practically everyone else on this board has said.

Everyone will want to see Deadpool in this, interacting with Cable and Domino and he will proabably be a strong selling point for the film itself.

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