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Originally Posted by def28 View Post
I disagree with alot of what your saying. I don't think he would be wasted and I don't think this film will affect his solo happening. I think they still want to do that film, and if anything it will boost the chances of it happening. Or....both X-Froce and Deadpool are happening. Who knows. We will find out at SDCC. Deadpool is a very popular character. Fox is gonna want to use him whenever they can, and it's very acceptable to have him in an X-Froce film like practically everyone else on this board has said.

Everyone will want to see Deadpool in this, interacting with Cable and Domino and he will proabably be a strong selling point for the film itself.
Dude, let's be less naive here. It could boost a solo appearance of Deadpool, but definitely NOT an R-rated version. Deadpool may be very popular with the geekdom, and people who tap into this world once in a while, but he's no Batman or Superman. To the general moviegoing audience who doesn't care about comic books (but will watch comic book movies), he's basically nobody. And from a business standpoint, if he's popular in THIS VERSION (Fox is going to realize: "Hey, he's popular like this anyway. So f**k who wants a harder, R-rated version, this kind of stuff will make more money , as we can market it to kids!"), you're not going to see an all-too different take on Deadpool, just THIS VERSION of him on his own. Your setting yourself up for dissapointment, be more realistic and look at how the movie business works.

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