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Default Re: The X-force Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Great Mind(s) View Post
I dunno, maybe they want to continue with that era. Because that would mean Sunspot and Warpath are characters in the future and not in the 70s in DOFP. Which I mean is fine I guess, it just means the future is overflooded with characters...
Yeah, all the DOFP stuff is tough to figure out right now.

Cable, Deadpool and crew will def work better in a modern/future type setting rather then FC times. Time travel does come with Cable but... I don't think they would have the whole film be in the 70's or 80s. They are kinda playing that card already.

I also doubt that this movie will be tailored for Warpath and Sunspot to fit in. If it works I'm sure they would be there but I don't see them going to great legnths to make sure they are in. Singer probably put them in DOFP for his own purpose. X-Force will more then likely be about Cable and Deadpool and go from there.

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