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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 1

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
it's tough though. I think snape is worse. Odin has had great moments. Hell, every single one of he and thor's moments are tear jerkers.

Unrelated, but something worth noting, that everyone must have written off, regarding Loki, and...the other, and possible the world tree...

remember when Loki went to that astral plane with the other, that mental plane or whatever, and they were talking? As The Other threatened him, we all noticed that serpent in the backround, right? Did it occur to anyone else that the serpent behind them was NOT one of the things from the final battle? For two reasons, one, don't think it seemed as big, two, they were in an astral plane of existence. Why was this serpent in Loki's mind?

Nidhogg? In the comics, he ate the souls of the dead, right? However, in the myth, he knaws at the roots of the world tree. So he could exist inbetween the physical and non physical realities, right?

What if that serpent was an easter egg/forshadowing of that serpent, that it was slowly tormenting, and eating away at Loki's mind?

Interesting theory. I will have to re-watch that scene.

I agree that the drama Odin's confrontation with Loki creates is great. Loki deserves it, but since the audience has been led to feel some degree of pity for MCU Loki, it's not abnormal to feel bad for him.

Unfortunately (but perhaps fortunately for a good plot), things Odin says usually tend to drive Loki even further into his madness, remember "No, Loki." (probably not the best choice of words when your crazy son is hanging over an endless void) and
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calling him Loki Laufeyson is like kicking a wounded creature that already wants to hurt you.
It does make it look like Odin has given up on his wayward son. I'm fine with seeing a harsh Odin on screen, I would just like to see some shadow of regret too.

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