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Default Re: Choose Your Batman 2.0

Boy did I just make some enemies.

Okay, having rewatched some clips from the trilogy, I will admit that "whiny and overemotional" was the wrong choice of words and that Bale does have a charm to him as Bruce Wayne. Still, I distinctly remember watching them the first time, seeing Bale trying to be intimidating or express anguish ("Where are they?", "Do I look like a cop?", a lot of the scenes where he has to yell), and thinking "He sounds so pathetic". That may have been what they were going for in some places, but it's not something I want to think about when one of the most badass characters in comics is on screen. I don't think Bale is a bad actor (though perhaps not the cinematic godsend everyone seems to think he is), but between this and Terminator Salvation, I'm beginning to think he wasn't meant to be an action hero. Nevertheless, it was a passable performance and I meant no ill will toward the guy.

Getting back on topic, I'm still trying to think of a realistic casting choice, but it recently occurred to me that, were it possible to cast a black Batman, Will Smith would be a pretty cool choice to play him.

Experience in both action and drama, proven serious acting chops, but also probably pretty familiar with being a billionaire media-friendly celebrity, as Bruce often pretends to be, and a likability and charm underneath all of it. A little old, but youthful enough to pass for mid-30s.

Never gonna happen, but I would totally see that movie.

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