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Originally Posted by KneelBeforeZod View Post
Haha. Of course its false. Its fiction. There is no timeline. Using any timeline is an exercise in choosing which continuity errors to ignore.
There is a timeline in the continuity of these movies. Don't pretend you don't know I was referring to that.

You ignore the kids ages.
Yeah I'm the one selling the notion that 3 years can turn a baby from this:

into this:

You ignore the ridiculously short duration of use of the first batsuit.
Yeah why shouldn't I? It wouldn't take Batman 3 flipping years to realize the suit is too heavy and cumbersome and causing him to make mistakes before he asks for a new one.

How stupid do you think he is?

You ignore the absurdity of super-ninja Bruce Wayne acquiring a chronic injury in a year.
What chronic injury?

Or the absurdity of cleaning up a corrupt-to-the-core city and retiring that fast.
What clean up? Were you watching the same movie as me? There was no clean up. The only difference between BB and TDK regarding the mob was Maroni replaced Falcone, the criminals were fearing Batman's rep, and the mob adopted their methods to meet in day time instead of night.

That's it. Nothing there that would require 3 years to happen.

Or that Ras had no time to train, use and exile Bane between Bruce leaving him for dead the first time (in the Himalayas) and Bruce leaving him for dead the second time (on the train).
What the hell are you even talking about here? What makes you think Bane was not trained and exiled BEFORE Bruce came along? Looking at Begins it makes more sense that he was trained and exiled before Bruce showed up since there was not a sign of Talia anywhere around her father because she wasn't talking to him because he had exiled Bane.

I don't know where you pulled that from.

All because the Joker said "a year ago these cops and lawyers wouldn't dare cross any of you."
Exactly. And all supported by the events of the movies.

For what its worth ... I said a 3-year gap between BB and TDK.
Yeah that doesn't make it any less implausible or unsupported by the movies.

On my timeline, the events of Begins took 2-years from his initial return to Gotham to the League of Shadows attack.
Two years from the return to Gotham to Ra's Al Ghul's attack?

You're having a laugh. Not a thing in the movie to support that either. Not even a hint of it. You just made that up, too.

2-years for BB + 3-years between BB & TDK = 5-years total service time by the time he retires.

So, the Joker would've been operating for 2 or 3-years between BB and TDK ... not 5. He didn't start at the same time as Batman.
You indulge in your belief that your fan fiction is correct. I'll stick to the reality of what the movies say and show us.

"Sometimes I remember it one way. Sometimes another. If I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!"

- The Joker

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