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Default Re: The "Little Things" You Appreciated/Loved Thread - Part 1

I've been meaning to write about this ever since I saw the scene like 5 times already from my theater viewings, but I think one of the things that I enjoyed a lot, was how well the Superman, Zod, and Lois scene at the Train Station was well executed, no pun intended.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm one who would advocate that Superman shouldn't kill his enemies (that are sentient beings) overall, and while I understand wholeheartedly on how controversial this scene was for some, I thought it was quite brilliant, especially if what Snyder said is true about this being the catalyst of Superman establishing his no "killing" rule when it comes to dealing with his opponents.

Like I've mentioned in some posts already, I think it was a brave and bold move to put Superman in a realistic situation where he didn't have a way to save everyone, and that he literally had to choose on who would live and die, one where he couldn't end up saving everyone.

And considering that this was Clark's first outing as Superman, thus him being a rookie when it comes to being a superhero, it's definitely easier to understand on how this situation came about.

Everyone's acting, including the family of four that was put in harm's way, was spot on. And Zimmer's music really heightened the emotions and tension that this scene was emitting. You could see on how it was killing Superman inside to be put in this situation where, if he didn't do something soon, he'd have to witness the family in front of him killed in a very brutal way and I love on how they kept cutting back to great shots of the family cornering up against the wall in horror and crying with shots of Superman pleading Zod to stop what he was doing.

I can't remember the last time where a comic book genre film placed such an emphasis on the emotional damages that a hero can have in taking a life. One could counterattack with saying that we've seen this before with Wolverine and Jean, but Wolverine has already killed several people so he's used to taking a life very easily.

Hell, for how heroic Steve Rogers was, I've seen people use the excuse that he's a soldier first, being an means of brushing off the fact that he's taken the lives of Hydra Soldiers without remorse as well, and yet when Superman is put in a no win situation and when he is shown to immediately regret having done it, he's still bashed for it.

Anyways, I liked how it was only Lois that was present to comfort Superman and how no one else was around to view that very vulnerable moment for Superman (supposedly). Even if they're not in a official relationship or fully aware of their feelings, I'd think that the way they held onto each other was more than enough to show people that these two aren't merely just "friends" or two people simply attracted to each other.

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