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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 2

Gordon's expression in TDKR is borderline camp when he realizes, for the first time, that his friend and trusted ally is none other than Bruce Wayne.

"huurrrrr, durrrrrrr, Bruce Wayne?!?"

It's fine and dandy that Gordon wouldn't care who he was, but to not have even the slightest clue and be puzzled by it? Ridiculous. This is the same guy, a detective and cop, who saw Bruce crash his lambo to "catch the light" (Gordon even thought he was trying to catch the van).

A subtle smile on Gordon's part would have been more appropriate when Batman flies away after telling him that. A smile like he gives him at the end of Batman Begins. But nah, "Broos Weyne??" after an insulting flashback that spells it out for the audience. Yeah, no kidding Gordon, Bruce is Batman.

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