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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 7

Great questions and theories everyone! I have some of my own and I hope you are interested in them and can help me discuss them.

Let´s begin with what we do actually know! I´m not sure at all what we know for sure about the movie. Obviously the picture here in page 4 is legit. What else?


1. Will we see a Bucky and Black Widow romance in the movie?
No big news but we know she is going to participate in the movie

2. Bucky comes back working for some mean bastards. Who, AIM?

3. Obviously Falcon is going to join the war and perhaps even the Avengers later. I however find it more likely that he joins S.H.I.E.L.D and not the actual Avengers
so that in a second or third Avengers movie he would fight beside the Avengers but as a S.H.I.E.L.D operator with the S.H.I.E.L.D foot soldiers.

4. Crossbones is going to be in the movie according to IMDB. Wasn´t that guy trained by Taskmaster?
I don´t believe that Taskmaster is going to be in this movie unless he is one of the bad guys that brought Bucky back. But that is actually possible if you think about it.

Btw, Taskmaster has fought against many guys that are on the “same” level as Cap, Daredevil for instance. That could open a spot for a new DD movie later?
Perhaps that requires to much "coincidence"!

I don´t think it´s so unlikely that we get to see an old adventure of Bucky and Cap in the upcoming movie where they crush some Nazi ass (in fact I almost know it!).
I mean Crossbones will be in it, who has a connection to Taskmaster. Taskmaster worked for Red Skull who operated during WW2.
So would it not be possible for Taskmaster to be behind the operation that Bucky and Cap attacks. The same attack that gets Bucky “killed”?
Then Taskmaster finds him and makes him his pawn. Later Crossbones comes along and trains with Taskmaster and later than that something happens which leads to this war on the picture that can be seen!

Another thing is that S.H.I.E.L.D seems to be a big part of the movie, which makes my spider sense tingel. Taskmaster worked within S.H.I.E.L.D as an sleep spy or what it´s called.
So that could be a great story. Perhaps Widow somehow finds out this undercoverness? : )

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