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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
That moment was so cheesy and corny. Apparently Gordon can remember every person he's ever comforted. The audience, on the other hand, has to be reminded about it. I always thought Gordon had suspicions about who Batman was, but didn't care. Apparently he doesn't even have suspiscions, whereas Blake can telepathically discern it from a look. / end rant (for which I feel somewhat guilty)

On the other hand, back on topic, in terms of Burton's films, Gordon didn't even really have a role. Definitely a mark against Burton's mythos... a normal good cop like Gordon just doesn't fit in well.
Umm you really don't get it do you? Good lord. These movies are made with the general audience in mind not the fans. It was always like this with an iconic character like batman and will always be that way. For your information a lot of people only saw TDK and not Batman Begins. Plus I disagree. It wasn't corny, it was very emotional.

He's ever comforted? Maybe young Bruce was the only time he ever comforted a little kid who just lost his parents? More likely that bruce WAS the only kid he's done that for. Plus he's a wealthy billionaire of course he's going to remember that. The death of the Waynes was a big deal for Gotham. Gordon does NOT give a damn who Batman is, it's not that he couldn't figure it out, if he thought about it real hard he would have. But he chose not to think about who it is cuz he DOESNT CARE. That's why it's like a HUH? moment for him.

Is it really that hard to figure these scenes out? Mannn oh man.

Bruce Wayne is known as a complete idiot who doesn't work for anything, leeches off his family's wealth and history. He doesn't do anything but drink, party, have a blast, lock himself in his mansion doing god knows what...that's the public perception including Gordon's. If he cared for more than 1 minute of who Batman was, Gordon would have known and given a different reaction. But that's not the case.

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