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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 2

I understood the scene just fine, I just thought the way it played out was cheesy, as I said. Heck, the whole finale was emotional in a sense, but the way it played out was pure cheese (especially the Alfred cafe scene, which was cheese but cheese that I enjoyed). The "Gordon can remember every person" statement was a little tongue-in-cheek to contrast with the fact that the audience has to have it spelled out to them (next sentence). Honestly the best part about it was Batman saying Gordon was a hero, not Batman letting him know who he really was. I mean, Gordon knows now... so what? He never really knew Bruce Wayne, he knew the Batman.

But this is the Batman Returns thread, maybe we should get back to that and discuss TDKR in its own thread. I'm not sure how we even got on this topic.

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