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Originally Posted by KneelBeforeZod View Post
Choose your interpretation. If you insist on interpreting the "year ago" line that way ... it seems at least as likely that the "year ago" throwaway line is a continuity goof. If you're going to just ignore an annoying detail ... why not ignore that one?

A three-year gap makes more sense in the timeline. It coincides with the kids ages. It coincides with the 5-years of using the Begins suit (as referenced in one of the movie tie-in manuals). And, it makes Wayne's Batman service-time work better for the overall story (five-years before the 'retirement' + plus a year during the Bane incident). Makes far more sense in continuity than the whole first two movies happening within a year ... at which point Wayne retires at 31, and has already acquired a chronic injury. Makes no sense at all.

Plus Harvey starts hinting at commitment like marriage to Rachel. If they were together for 1 year max or even 8 months, it just doesn't make sense.

The 3 years of them being together would make sense within the story of TDK and adds even more weight to Harvey's pain than if he was dating her for 8 months or whatever. Of course he would still lose it but it just adds a lot more weight to everything.

BUT Joker could be right.

Bane is older than Bruce in TDKR. He trained with Ras before Bruce and was excommunicated. Talia is in her early 30s in Rises, even though Marion's older than Anne I got the impression they were closer in age in the movie. Im assuming young Talia in the pit, was about the age of 8 like Bruce was when his parents were shot down. Bane should be about 21/22 (think college Bruce). Younger Ras looks to be in his late 20s like when Bruce was dumped on the side of the road in order to find that rare blue flower. There's a reason why they all mirror each other.

So, since Ras is about 50 in Begins, we can assume that it's been somewhere between 20 to 25 years since. Ill guess 23.

This puts Talia at about 31. Bane at about 44/45. Somebody on the film in an interview (was it Emma?) said Bane is a lot older than we think.

We know TDK is July/August 2008. So TDKR begins in August-ish of 2016 for Harvey Dent Day. It ends within the first couple of months of 2017 and then probably fast forward to March or April for the ending reveals where Bruce gives each of his friends signs of him being alive.

If you go by the popular opinion. He's 30 in Begins, he's 31 in TDK, 39 when Rises starts and closer to 40 when the trilogy ends. But some people who think a few years passed between BB & TDK? He would be 33 in TDK and 41 going on 42 in TDKR.

But finally, I do think that it's possible months flew by while Bruce was creating everything to become Batman. He is 30 in Begins but I think there could be a significant jump from the moment Bruce/Rachel/Alfred are at the sight of Wayne Manor to the rooftop scene where Gordon shows Bats the Joker card. Months? Close to a year? There's a lot of inmates to gather up. Then you got Joker building his reputation while Rachel and Harvey are dating and getting more serious.

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