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Default Re: The Official Superman Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by flickchick85 View Post
He wears the the suit at some point during the run. Like Llama said, Action's set 5 years before the main Superman title, so Superman's just starting out in it. Once you make peace with the jeans/t-shirt look, the art is actually quite good, imo.
Ah see I didn't even know that. Thanks. Oh I dig the art for sure just not the t-shirt get up. But whatevs. Haha

Originally Posted by Hush View Post
Unchained #2 was awesome, I'm enjoying this book. This is the best Superman story I have read in years and it is excelling at getting the character of Superman with out compromising him.
Agreed. I'm a big Spidey fan and was enjoying the beginning of Superior Spider-Man a lot because it really wasn't what it seemed like at first. But now the recent issues imo are really bad. Not Spidey at all. So right now Unchained > Superior

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