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Default Re: What was wrong with the current trilogy?

I'm not a big fan of Joss Whedon or the Avengers, to be honest. I kinda like Thor though, I think it may be the mythology as well as Hemsworth and Portman.

Originally Posted by Phoenix_Flare View Post
The movies never shown the X-Men as a family, nor the team interact w/one another, we never saw a Jean/Rogue, Scott/Rogue, or Storm with anyone, etc some of the best character interaction scenes were in X1. One of the reasons the Avengers were worked so well because that team dynamic was present, it showed them argue, crack jokes, struggle/bond to become a team. The X-men didn't have that chemistry, and I partially think turning a few of the characters into "teens" didn't work when you have several "older" X-Men. It felt the older X-Men were handling business while the teens were tangled in "high school" drama.
I read somewhere once that Bryan Singer intended for X1 to be a character introduction and for X2 to be more of a thrill ride. His reasoning was that once the team had been developed in X1, X2 wouldn't need to address it as much.

IMO, the X2 ending hinted that Bryan was going to address character development and interaction in X3 (what with the X3 plans to have Cyke build the first Danger Room and become a central focus of the film as a leader, Rogue and Iceman joining the team, everyone being brought together by Jean's death... character interaction in X3 was probably going to be prominent).

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