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Default Re: Rest In Peace Celebrity Edition - Part 2

I'm starting to think that it's a miracle that I've lived to be forty. I guess as Huey Lewis once sang it really is hip to be square. At least I'll live long enough to see myself become a wrinkly old woman and I'll celebrate each gray hair and wrinkle I get as emblems of living a smart life.

I have to say this but this is the reality of being an addictive person. If you don't find the strength to stop yourself you will die. It's harsh but it's the truth and not enough people are letting this permeate their brains. Who's going to be next? Amanda Bynes? Miley Cyrus? Lindsay Lohan? Justin Bieber? The list can go on and on as to who the next victim of over indulgence will be.

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- I'd say he's the ragiest but Rajang takes that top spot.

- I'm not the type of person who gets pride from saying, "Look at me." I'd rather take a moment to step back and say to myself, "Look at my baby."

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