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Default Re: Casting the DC Universe - Part 1

Originally Posted by eat mas tacos View Post

Firstly, I would like to compliment you on your arrangement. Love the black and white play off the color of the characters. Beautifully done.

Your casting is near perfect and an almost dead ringer for mine. They are exceptional choices.

Henry Cavill IS Superman. That was casting genius. At every moment he was on screen he owned that role and demonstrated his ability to lead the pantheon of superheroes. His physical presence as the Man of Steel was equally matched by the conviction of his words and lines. Whether it was the grand strength of Kal-El or the touching vulnerabilities of Clark, Henry soared.

Looking at Henry's casting as a jumping off point, the following members of the Justice League would make for an EPIC team:

Batman represents the 'darker' side of being a superhero, in contrast to Superman as the 'lighter' side. Although I would agree that Fassbender would be A+ casting as the rebooted Dark Knight, his talents are already being used to bring forth another comic book icon. I look to actors like Matt Bomer, Luke Evans, Anson Mount and Wes Bentley to don the cape and cowl and usher in a new era for Batman. Each of these actors have unique strengths that would showcase a completely different Caped Crusader based on who is cast.

Gemma Arterton as Wonder Woman would be comic gold. Everyone keeps saying that she hasn't had a breakout role yet, which is true, well it's because the universe is holding on to her to play Princess Diana. All the other roles were test runs that showed elements and characterizations of who Wonder Woman is. She has demonstrated that she can portray them all, making her a superb choice for the Amazon Princess. If any of her other previous films had made it into mega franchises then she wouldn't be free for this role of a lifetime.

Bradley Cooper as Hal/Green Lantern and Ryan Gosling as Barry/Flash are dead on perfect choices. Looking at both actors, they embody the finer qualities of the Emerald Guardian and the Scarlet Speedster, comic characters they were born to play. It also adds to their casting that they work exceptionally well together. Chemistry is everything...bring on the Brave and the Bold team-up!

Charlie Hunnam as Aquaman. He definitely has the chops to bring the King of Atlantis to life. His previous roles show is range as an actor, which reflects the struggles of our Master of the Seven Seas. From arrogance to swagger, his Aquaman will be very memorable.

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