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Default Re: The "Little Things" You Appreciated/Loved Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by juansuperiron20 View Post
this superman has so much potential...
Agreed. There's so much you can explore, going forward. The introduction of Luthor. Superman's relationship with people all over the world, specifically how some will embrace him while others will ultimately come to reject him. The CK disguise. Lois showing her prowess as a reporter at the DP. A well-written story delving into the psyche of Luthor; how he sees Superman as nothing more than an alien, and an end to human progress. What else? Supes using his powers in new and exciting ways, much like how he combines his flight, speed and arctic breath to save a tower from falling in the latest issue of Superman Unchained. You can have some really fun scenes with him saving people in general. I'm sure the Snyder camp is also well aware by now that most people would love to see a little improvement in the brightness and saturation areas on film. Like you said, there's so much potential.

"He (Batman) is perhaps the only genuine hero amongst them. The trauma of his parents' death is what motivates him and forces him to go on, but what makes him Batman is a decision. He took a decision to be a good guy, which is a decision in life not too many people make. He is a self-made character. He didn't get superpowers, he's not a cyborg, he made a choice to be what he is."
- Alan Grant
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