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Default Re: Multiculturalism and Civil Rights in the X-Men

In some ways, that's what the Ultimate line has tried to address throughout its various re-amps.

And Grant Morrison's entire NEW X-MEN run talked upon those issues, as well as Whedon's Astonishing, with The Cure.

The interesting thing to note, for me, is that though the X-Men make up an incredible array of different sexes, races, cultural backgrounds, socioeconomic standings, and sexuality, the most well known, and most utalized ones, are pretty generic.

I'm especially referring to sexual orientation. I did an entire paper about this in University, categorizing about 100 X-Men, on the basis of all the things I mentioned above, and THEN made a list of all 100 X-Men who had been dead/depowered/disappeared. Of the 14 or so gay characters, only 2 of them WEREN'T on that list. For African and Native descent, only 2 and 1 (respectively) WEREN'T on that list.

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