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Default Re: Bonus Material on the IM3 DVD&BR

Special Feature Run Times

Deconstructing the Scene: Attack on Air Force One (8:19)
Thor: The Dark World (Exclusive Behind the Scenes) (1:45)
Marvel One Shot – Agent Carter (14:47)
Iron Man Unmasked (10:29)

Deleted Scene: Real Time with Bill Maher Segment (0:45)
Deleted Scene: E! Fashion Police Reviews Iron Patriot (2:29)
Delete Scene: Outtakes: Trevor’s Accent (1:15)
Deleted Scene: Outtakes: Gary’s Van (2:03)
Deleted Scene: Outtakes: Boot & Glove (1:54)
Deleted Scene: Happy vs Savin (0:30)
Deleted Scene: Let’s Make Television (0:31)
Deleted Scene: Tony Harley and EJ (3:29)
Deleted Scene: Maya’s Sacrifice (1:48)
Deleted Scene: Hey is that Thor? (0:39)

Gag Reel (4:54)


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