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I think It will be like the cast pic SInger tweeted.

Hugh jackman will be top billed.Jennifer Lawrence will probally get second billed.That's because of her being an ooscar winner and starring In hungar games.Then It will be James
Mcavoy and Michael Fassbender.Hugh's the only OT actor who should get billed over james and Michael.Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen may get billed over Nicholas Hoult and Peter Dinklage but I defently don't think Ellen Page will get billed that high.

Wolverine,Mystique,and both versions of Xavier and Magneto are probally what Is going to be front and center In all the promation with maybe Beast,Trask and possibly Storm as backup strong figures In promation.

I expect In trailers for them to try to play up the future scenes as much as possable to get attention of some.

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