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Default Re: The Official Batman TAS Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
Haha, Batman takes his mask off and suddenly has no eye-shadow in Batman Begins as well. That's not camp, its just an insignificant continuity error because the eye-shadow is only there to accentuate the suit.
That's not what I meant. I mean the campy part is how you see him with the cowl on with the shadow then the next shot he's about to take it off and he looks hilarious in the cowl because now the makeup is gone. It's a common joke for that scene. Even Kevin Smith laughs about it. It's a goof though.

Originally Posted by Elevator Man View Post
I didn’t find anything campy about a circus gang that kidnapped and possibly murdered children in their past history. I’m lost on how the poodle comes off campy. B/c it caught Batman’s remote control batarang? Which was used later I the plot when the Penguin frames Batman for the Ice Princess kidnapping. I didn’t find anything campy about Penguin controlling the batmobile to terrorize Gothamites and causing a lot of property damage while doing so. Again he was doing that ruin to Batman’s reputation as Gotham’s hero. I recall the Penguin in BTAS controlling the batmobile as well. Does that automatically make that episode campy? What exactly is campy about the actor playing Chip doing a Walken impression? Afterall he was playing Walken’s son in the movie. I doesn’t matter if you found it a terrible impression, but that doesn’t make it campy. The duckmobile makes sense in the story b/c he must’ve gotten it from the zoo. You can see the “giant” rubber duckies hanging on top of the zoo of Penguin’s lair. Plus Burton’s version of the penguin is sort of a manchild with his tantrums and such. So it makes sense to me why he would ride around in that. It didn’t feel out of place in this movie. Of all the many complaints about the climax you complain about the eye shadow disappearing when Batman takes off his mask. Not the fact that he took his mask off in front of Shreck. And Bruce believing that Shreck won‘t reveal his identity to the public if Bruce somehow prevented Selina from killing Shreck. Btw, what’s campy about the eye shadow disappearing? It was more of a goof than anything else. Yeah I know Penguin running for Mayor came from the 60s show, but to you it automatically means BR is campy b/c it had a similar plot?

I agree with you about MOTP.
Im laughing as I read this, because it's the definition of goofy. Im mainly talking about the execution rather than what theyre actually doing.

A poodle with funny music in the backround while it runs with a batarang in its mouth is not goofy as hell? Penguin making Batman run over people isn't funny but the execution where it looks like Penguin is in an arcade game looking ridiculous, yes, comes off silly. The circus gang with that music and dialogue was pretty goofy. So is ANY time Batman smiles with the mask on. Does it feel out of place in the movie? No. Did I dig it as a child? Sure. But it feels out of place in the world of the first film which doesn't have that level of camp. Not THAT much.

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