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Default Re: The Official Batman TAS Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
That's not what I meant. I mean the campy part is how you see him with the cowl on with the shadow then the next shot he's about to take it off and he looks hilarious in the cowl because now the makeup is gone. It's a common joke for that scene. Even Kevin Smith laughs about it. It's a goof though.

Im laughing as I read this, because it's the definition of goofy. Im mainly talking about the execution rather than what theyre actually doing.

A poodle with funny music in the backround while it runs with a batarang in its mouth is not goofy as hell? Penguin making Batman run over people isn't funny but the execution where it looks like Penguin is in an arcade game looking ridiculous, yes, comes off silly. The circus gang with that music and dialogue was pretty goofy. So is ANY time Batman smiles with the mask on. Does it feel out of place in the movie? No. Did I dig it as a child? Sure. But it feels out of place in the world of the first film which doesn't have that level of camp. Not THAT much.
I couldn't care less what Kevin Smith thinks, but at least you admitted that the disappearing eye shadow was more of goof than camp. That moment where the poodle catches the remote control batarang was suppose to be funny. I didn’t find anything goofy about the music playing (whenever it played) as the Red Triangle Gang showed up. What Elfman wrote for the RTG was very appropriate and fitting, imho. I never found it goofy. It gave the RTG a twisted and eerie vibe, imho. And it was supposed to be funny in a dark humor kind of way, when Batman smiled after putting a bomb on that goon. I always figured whenever Keaton’s Batman gave a psychotic grin to someone that means that person’s screwed. Of course that moment backfired for most of the fans. And made Batman seem more sinister than heroic. It was far from funny to the purists. The reason why a lot of those “goofy” moments feel out of place with B89, b/c Burton didn’t want to do a direct sequel to B89. BR is kind of it’s own thing. It’s a loose sequel to B89 at best. I know theres many including yourself that have a problem with that. But I can’t blame Burton for trying something different from it’s predecessor.
Btw, I’m not denying BR has some cartoon-y moments in it. It has it’s share of plotholes and flaws as well, but I don’t agree with the stuff you find “goofy as hell”.

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