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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Imo the villain should depend on the kind of story or the focus of the story you want to tell. For instance, I don't think they should go with a Clayface or a supernatural villain just for the sake of showing this Batman inhabits a world that could fit into JLA.

By the same token , I don't think they should shoehorn a villian like Mr.Freeze, Ivy, or Penguin because they weren't done right the first time.

On the other had I wouldn't want to see Maroni and Falcone plugged in again to tell yet another Frank Miller inspired gritty Batman crime story.

I think there are odviously villians like Joker, Catwoman, and Two Face who by default will probably re-appear again because of their popularity and marketability, but I would hope with that the villain they would go with would really be central to the story and not just plugged in to sell toys ala the Schumacer series.

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