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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Yeah that's the thing I have to always remember.

Id love to see Freeze. But it has to work for the story. I don't see it happening for a few films though. Also, coming off a winter film like Rises (well, the last half)...I don't see them diving into another.

It has to be about the story and the fact that this new Batman will probably be a more exaggerated detective. Like he is in comics/animation. So Riddler would fit. But again it's about the actual story and Bruce's arc.

For the first movie it would be a marketable villain to get the people in the seats. Riddler or Penguin. Whichever one fits the story (that will be the mindset of WB). I don't see it being a complicated story though. But is Batman solving puzzles and crimes really a new/fresh/interesting story to tell at this point? It sounds boring. So as appealing as Riddler is I might get bored.

Maybe they should just begin with Arkham Asylum. The loose adaptation. There's your story. There's your tone. Then figure in your villains.

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