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Originally Posted by kvz5 View Post
God I hated that scene so much in TDKR. I wanted to cry from frustration when I saw that. I felt like it cheapened Bruce's glorious moment in BB in an attempt to hammer every symbolism of Bruce with Blake. Yes, we get it already, Nolan! I'm surprised Nolan didn't make Blake climb out of some pit too. Oh hey, maybe that's what the platform rise was for. While we're at it, let's give him the final shot of the entire trilogy too. God. [/end rant]

Ok, I'm going to go hide in a corner now. Sorry.
I felt the exact same way when I first saw TDKR. The fact that Blake had the last shot made it even worse, lol. But it has grown on me in a pretty big way, surprisingly.

Bruce's moment in the cave will always be more amazing, but that's not the point anyway.

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